Ravage, Lord of Hellfire

OrcMaleRavagePortraitBorn on the savage world of Draenor, Ravage was known for his terrible cruelty and depravity. His infamy grew to such a peak that even his clan, the Warsong, saw fit to cast him out for his crimes, forcing him into exile in the deadly jungles of Tanaan. Through sheer tenacity and the help of his former love, Raka of the Bleeding Hollow, he endured all his hardships, which only made him grow more bold and confident, and taught him the value of patience.

“I marveled at how the giant spiders of Tanaan would ensnare their prey. They didn’t attack outright, they kept a distance, studying the prey, allowing it to wander into a web from which the spiders gained an advantage. I watched with delight as many my careless kin found themselves wrapped in spider silk, their organs turned to liquid from which the spiders gleefully feasted. If I was to survive, I had to be like the spider, I had to be patient.”

When his people began to fall to demonic corruption, Ravage saw fit to stand among the shadows, watching to see if the demonic fury gifted to them was truly a boon, or instead a curse. He got his answer when the entire world itself began to sunder around him. Ravage watched as the very jungles began to decay, falling to the ground as red, burning sands. Draenor was gone, and Outland had grown in it’s place.

For many years he stayed a recluse, but as the many surviving factions began to via for power following the arrival of Illidan Stormrage, Ravage was captured and imprisoned in Hellfire Citadel. He became one of the first that was given a complete infusion of the blood of Magtheridon, twisting him into a dark, sinister visage. The quantities of blood were so great that he became impossible to control, and in a bloody rage he killed all around him before fleeing back to the wastelands.

No one knows exactly when he returned, but in a bloody coup he took control of Hellfire Citadel, dragging what remained of the Fel Horde deep into the catacombs below the rampart, keeping up a charade of extinction. It was there he learned the darkest price for his demonic mutation, it had left him and his kin completely sterile. Though the demonic energy greatly extended his life, the lack of a legacy was one of the few things that truly terrified the fel warlord. He kept one of the surviving engineers that corrupted him alive, Graez the Mad, and put him to work to reverse his sickness at any cost.

Yet even that could not stop his lust for conquest, as an even greater prize fills his daily thoughts, the whole of Outland itself.

“The web has been built, now we wait for some prey.”


Warlord Ravage

Though his history has been written, the future still holds much mystery for the dark warlord known as Ravage. What other vile schemes could he be plotting deep in the catacombs of Hellfire Citadel? And how many more slaves will he drag down into his web?

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