Rayne Starleaf

The more tempered of the Starleaf twins, Rayne always found a greater calling with the druidic arts then that of the sword or bow.  She trained tirelessly with the likes of Shando Bearmantle until the day she got her first set of transformations.  The only snag often came when her sister ultimately needed her help.

“Kadis has some issues staying out of trouble, and I often found myself leaving to rescue her from some dark dungeon or other.  I love her dearly, but after falling into her problems more then once, I might have to cut the cord someday!”

Yet Rayne never could.  She stood by her sister, even going with her to the broken world of Outland when she was tasked with defending the expedition to the broken world.  Little did she know what troubles awaited her.

Rayne Starleaf

Identical twins with very different personalities. Kadis is outgoing and optimistic, while her druidess sister Rayne is more shy and careful. Even so, the two are nearly inseparable.

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