Robyn Darkwater

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Born on the isle of Kul Tiras, Robyn was no stranger to the finer things in life.  Her father, Dorn Clearwater, an accomplished trader, was known all throughout the Seven Kingdoms for his classy wit and sharp smile, though it was her mother that turned the most heads.

“My mother was of noble Gilnean birth, and had an uncanny ability to get what she wanted at any point. After the Greymane Wall went up, my father was one of the few able to navigate the deadly reef known as “The Bite”, and so my mother used her connections among the isolated kingdom to setup a discreet trading route, and the gold poured in like water.”

Though even with a strong education and a huge inheritance, Robyn found it hard to stay at home.  She would often convince her father to take her on his many trips throughout the kingdoms, and she learned much about the finer arts of sailing a ship.  She greatly enjoyed the salty air, and found the movement of the ship below her almost soothing.  She did this for many years, until the dead arose on the mainland.

“In that short span everything changed.  My mother was still on the shores of Gilneas, and was lost into the heart of the territory when it further isolated itself from the world.  Half of the kingdoms we used to visit were destroyed by the Scourge, ending much of our trade business.  In his grief, my father sold off most of his ships and began to drink himself into a stupor nearly every night.  It was a hard time for all of us.”

Depressed and alone, Robyn’s father looked for any comfort he could find.  In time, he met another Gilnean, a refugee that very much reminded him of his lost wife.  The two were quick to marry, and for a year things looked to improve.  Robyn’s father even restarting his business anew.  Yet troubles continued to plague her, as on his first trip back at sea, her father never returned.

“The once sweet woman my father married showed her true colors once she got her claws on my family inheritance.  She took everything possible, kicking me out onto the streets in nothing but rags, taking the family business, stealing my fiance, and even my very family name.  I wandered the streets of Boralus, at first begging for scraps from sailors, but I quickly learned I got more from seducing them instead.  I was always a bit devious, but now I didn’t have any legacy to hold me back.  I just didn’t give a damn.”

Using the sharp tongue she inherited from her parents, plus the help of a misplaced dwarf, she stole the family ship, “The Dark Nest”, recruited a crew of misfits, and began a crusade to steal back all the fortune she lost.  Now going by the title Captain Darkwater, she wanders the seas taking part in adventures, finding relics, and overall enjoying herself, though sometimes at the expense of others.

Robyn Darkwater

Once a noble born into wealth, Robyn had her inheritance stolen from her at a young age. Bitter and living on the streets of Boralus, she clawed her way up to becoming the most feared pirate captain haunting the South Seas.

Comics: 35
Recent Appearance: A Choice of Spoils - End
First Appearance: On the horizon...

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