Shai Darksoul

OrcFemShaiPortraitWhen she was a young girl, Shai was much more fragile then the other orcs.  A fact that made her a prime target for bullying and ridicule.  It left her with low self-esteem, her two lights in the darkness being her elder sister, Kharon, and her adopted brother, Grokale.  As she grew, her frame began to widen and her strength began to grow.  She was becoming a reliant, strong woman.

“It was one morning I ran to Grok.  I told him my feelings, and he said he felt the same.  I was overjoyed.  I would spend time with him when the guards forced him to work in the nearby mines, and one day, while they didn’t look, the two of us snuck away to make love near a shining pool.  I will never forget that day.

Though it didn’t last.  For Shai came to know about a early liaison her love and her sister had in the past.  She screamed that she didn’t want to see either of them again, before secluding herself back into the camp dwellings to brood.  Later on, free from her bondage, she desired to become a warlock, an act she saw as taking charge of her life.

“Demons can’t hurt you.  Oh, they WANT to hurt you.  They want to do a lot of things to you.  Yet they can’t, because I have control over them.  They do what I want, they don’t betray you, because they can’t.  I found  that power to be invigorating, because I never had it before.”

She would later gain a new mate, the warrior Korkal, though even he was not what he seemed.  He kidnapped her, using her as leverage to rape her sister.  Shai swallowed her pride and anger, and with the help of her old love Grok, she was able to escape he bonds and rescue her sister.

“We all grew closer then we ever were before that day, though we promised we would never let our jealousy drive us.  I had to take that to heart most of all, for it was my rage that first broke us in the first place.”

Continuing her domination of the demonic, Shai uses her power for the good of her people and her friends.

Shai Darksoul

A warlock of deceptive charm and grace, she travels all corners of the world in search of treasure and artifacts, gathering her a strong but infamous reputation. She cares little though, preferring to spend her time in books at her manor then deal with those that question her methods.

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