Talos Nightforge

Talos Nightforge

Having been born just following the War of the Ancients, Talos was never tasked with entering the Emerald Dream like many of the other males.  He became known as one of the “Wakened”, a precious commodity among the elven females that lived in the forests surrounding Hyjal during the age of the Long Vigil.  As he was deemed unfit to join the female-centric Sentinel army, Talos found other ways to help his people through his mastery of the forge.

“I always loved the heat of the smith, the burn of metal as I hammered out weapons and plate, the joy that came when my creations sliced through the air, or stopped a weapon blow.  It was one of the biggest loves in my life.”

Though Talos had a few lovers during his youth, he found they treated him more like a trophy then a partner.  That all changed when he became friends with Jesana Moonfall.  She was dedicated and highly passionate, and Talos couldn’t help but grow strong feelings for her.  He made her customized armor to help protect her during her battles, leaving many of the other females jealous.  It was on one eve that Jesana herself approached him with the idea of marriage, an act that surprised and overjoyed him.  The two spent many good years together, until fate broke a rift between them.

“The demons had returned.  I didn’t want my wife to leave, because I didn’t believe she could fight such horrible creatures and win.  She thought I called her weak, that I didn’t trust her abilities and that she didn’t need protecting.  In anger, I gave in and told her to leave, that I didn’t care anymore if she died.  My words were stinging and bitter, and I regretted them very quickly, but it was too late.  She was off to battle before I could apologize.”

As the war ended and she returned to him, Talos noticed that Jesana had grown even more distant and cold.  He was horrified to learn that Jesana had slept with one of the awakened druids during their time apart, as revenge for his previous insults.  Unable to handle the anger and sadness that filled his heart, he packed up his tools and left without a word, never looking back.

He traveled the length of Kalimdor doing odd smith jobs, trying to forget his pain by having casual sex with any female that interested him.  One day, Robyn Darkwater discovered him working the anvil at Steamweedle Port.  She needed someone to forge her artillery and weapons on a full-time basis, and she marveled at his work, among other assets.  She was quick to invite him into her crew.

“A few years ago I would have never considered being a pirate of all things, but that woman has a way with words.  We got better… ahum… antiquated in her cabin, and ever since that day I decided I was willing to give this whole piracy business a shot.  I had no where else to go.”

He has been helping keep her arsenal maintained ever since.

Talos Nightforge

A young and talented blacksmith, Talos was well respected among the night elves throughout his long life. One day, however, a betrayal forces him to leave the safety of elven territories. Now a pirate under Robyn, he crafts her crews munitions and weapons.

Comics: 27
Recent Appearance: A Choice of Spoils - End
First Appearance: On the horizon...

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