Little is known about the Kaldorei known as Wildclaw from the age before the War of the Ancients.  Some say he was once a noble under the mad queen, others say he was an outcast that may have learned the druidic arts long before Shando Stormrage.  The only thing really known about Wildclaw is that he plays by his own rules.

“Nature isn’t some soft, happy ideal made of kittens and rainbows.  Nature is brutal, harsh, and unforgiving.  The mouse is born to feed the snake, and the snake survives only as long as the eagle does not see it.  It was only natural that I learn how to harness the primal ferocity of nature and bend it to my own ends.”

Before even enduring the long sleep, Wildclaw had become a master of utilizing pheromones to better control the creatures of the forest.  Knowing that even he, too, was an animal, he mastered ways of weakening the minds of his own people.  Using it to gather a harem of loyal females to do his bidding.  Once forced into the long sleep, Wildclaw waited patiently for the day he would awaken.  It was thousands of years later that Jesana Moonfall was tasked with finding him.

“She was a troubled woman, so easy to influence at first, yet so demanding of control.  After our first encounter she shut me out, but I had ways to getting her back on my side of things, a scent here, a soft word there.  She was an amazing lover until her husband discovered us.  After that there was nothing I could brew that would influence her, but I had many other girls to conquer.”

And conquer he did.  He became so notorious for breaking up relationships that Tyrande and Malfurion themselves cast him out of Darnassus in the years following.  He took those females that clung to him and made a home for himself on the borders of Ashenvale and Felwood, living a life without care as his harem did all the labor.  So strong is the binding that they even kidnap other women to sate their lovers exotic tastes.  But the question is, how long will his fortune last?


A master of influence, he has an unnatural way with others. He uses this ability, plus his natural druidic arts, to carve out a decadent and lustful existence.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: The Sleeper Awakens - 25 - The End
First Appearance: The Sleeper Awakens - 2

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