Commission Info. Please read the GENERAL RULES before applying.

Prices are to cover the work I do.  All creations will be posted for free on the website as fan art and can not be individually owned. I will not do private commissions.  If you want something you can personally own, you will have to look elsewhere.

$20 for a one or two character still image with base characters, no customizations.

$30 for a one or two character still image with custom alterations. $10 for each additional character in a static scene.

$60 for a two character animated image loop. $25 for each additional character in an animated scene.

$10 for each additional angle. If you want to see the action from a different view.

You will also be liable for all taxes and fees on the transaction, which will be added to the total at the time of invoice.

If I really like the idea and want to use it just for that fact, I may negotiate down the price a bit. Just want to add that.

To submit the request use the form below or contact me directly at to discuss it further.  I will not accept commissions submitted through other means like PM, Tumblr Asks, etc.  Thank you.

When you complete the form it will reload saying “Your commission request has been successfully submitted.” and you will be e-mailed a confirmation.  If you do not see either confirmation then I didn’t get the request.  Double check the information, and make sure you have no script blockers preventing the system from running properly.  If it still does not work submit the request manually to my e-mail.

Limited commissions have a maximum of up to two characters.