Hellfire Citadel. A bastion of darkness and destruction looming silently in the center of the peninsula which shares it’s name. As we first invaded the shattered world of Outland, it was my sword that tasted the blood of hundreds of demonic orcs that spilled forth from it’s twisted hallways. We thought we had ended them when we assassinated their leadership, that all that was left were stragglers hiding in the hills, attempting to escape our wrath

We were wrong.

After the death of Illidan and the establishment of the Shattered Sun, the Horde and Alliance turned attention back beyond the Dark Portal. Azeroth was in trouble from new threats, and so what was once an army of thousands strong turned into a skeleton crew of only a few hundred on each side. I gave my word that I would remain and help keep the peace as dark threats still hid among the shadows, but even I was unprepared for the darkness that would consume us, and would consume me.

I was traveling with a small caravan when they hit us. More of the demonic orcs then I had seen in nearly a year charged down the red sands. We fought as hard as we could but each of us began to fall, one by one, until only a few of us remained. Though my mind prepared for the inevitable as my arms began to fatigue, the orcs instead hit me from behind and tackled me to the ground. They lifted me by my hair and set me on my knees, so that I could look into the eyes of the one that lead them, his head forming black horns and his armor made of metals not from this world. They called him Ravage, and his vile smile burned at my heart.

Myself and the other survivors were taken in chains to the Citadel, which unknown to us all, was still as active as it was a year earlier. The orcs had used magic and technology to keep themselves hidden in the deeper tunnels of the fortress, building new laboratories and infusing themselves with new, even more twisted forms of demonic power. Most of my companions were sent off to work as slaves deep under the earth, but I was taken aside and clasped in magic bracers that weakened my inhibitions and willpower, heavy chains holding me and keeping my muscles docile. I was helpless to stop them as they pulled off my armor with twisted glee.

It was at this point I first realized why they had taken me aside, what my purpose would ultimately be as a prisoner of war. Ravage had laughed as he looked at my face, his guttural sounds echoing in the halls. My body was going to be his, whether I liked it or not.

I still remember the first day as if it was yesterday, how he sent away all his minions and locked me in his chamber. It was hot near the fires, the burning smoke at first hurt my lungs. He had come up behind me, his armor gone and his cock erect. I protested, attempted to appeal to his reason, but none existed inside that thick, dark skull He instead asked me how long it was since I fucked someone, how it felt to be vulnerable after living so long in control, he worked every angle to break me down mentally. I told him to burn in the Nether, that I would never belong to him.

Hellfire - Jesana #1

“You already belong to me, whether you agree does not matter, now be a good slave, and bend over for your master.”

I felt him push me hard, causing me to fall on my hands and knees, before I could even react he reached down and pulled off my new garments. I felt him put his cock down between my legs, and my body tightened. “I will not let you violate me!” I said, trying one last time to stop what was to happen, but unable to even lift my arms in protest thanks to the magic that was binding me. He continued his taunting motions, either to get my body ready or just to drag out the encounter, I never would fully know.

Hellfire - Jesana #6

And then I felt it, his cock, bigger then any of the men I had before in my life, pushed itself in with such force that my body quivered with both pleasure and pain. My fate was sealed.

Hellfire - Jesana #7

Once he had penetrated me, any semblance of restraint had left him. He grabbed me, pulling me hard into his cock, forcing it deeper and deeper into me. “Look at you… taking in my cock so easily.” he taunted, humiliating me as much as he could. Much of the rest after this point had become blur, for the magic that bound me began to force my own body to betray me.

I felt my blood heat up with each trust, and before long I was not disgusted by him, but instead yearning for him to fuck me harder. In the back of my mind I cursed what I was feeling, knowing that most of my lust was not my own, but yet I still worried part of it was. That he really was breaking my will.

I felt his cock throb, and I knew he was close to climax. What was left of my mind forced my body to push into him, hoping to end the encounter before it became to late. Little did I realize that in doing such, I forced myself to climax rather then him. “Oh… why does it feel so good! Oh by the goddess… no! Not… not now!” was all I could whisper as the pleasure took hold and I my mind fully blacked out.

It would be hours before my mind returned to me. I awoke on my knees in front of him, his cock still hard and my pussy wet. He grabbed my head and pulled it closer to his cock. I felt as my mouth open, and my tongue reached out for him. Even awake again my body yearned for him, desired to taste him, to touch him, to feel him inside me. I looked up at him, his burning eyes satisfied with my struggles.

“How do your juices taste, little elf? Hope you get used to it, you will be tasting much while here.”

I felt his hand tighten around my hair, it forcing my lips around his cock and pushing it deep. I choked at first, but my throat opened up quickly. No part of me was sacred to him.

Then it finally happened. I sensed him throb in my mouth before he pulled me away, his roar of pleasure accompanied by a hot and sticky stream of his cum. It hit my face as he let go of my hair, the cum nearly missing my eyes. I began to reach up to touch it when the haze in my mind then finally began to fade, and the light of the bracers dimmed.

“I… what have I done…” I had whispered to myself, in shock and filled with confusion. I sat on the stone floor, the cum dripping from my face, and I felt utterly humiliated. Yet I knew, this wouldn’t be the end, that what just happened was only going to be the beginning.

Another year would pass as he utilized me for whatever he desired. Sometimes he would pass me off to his underlings in order to boost morale. Other times he would use me for twisted experiments into ending his kinds sterility, or improving on the vile toxins they had developed to control the minds of others. There were even times I was forced to fight in the Pit, a slave arena from which the vile orcs had slaves kill each other for amusement.

Yet that is not the worst of it. Though even after all this time my will has been able to resist being fully converted to his mere pet, I find my very soul growing more tainted, and dark thoughts and images have begun to fill my dreams. Now, even without the bracers influence, I look to my captives with almost a twisted yearning, licking my lips at the thought of another encounter no matter how much the deepest parts of my mind tell me I shouldn’t. Is the warrior in me truly beginning to fade? No… I will not let it fully consume me.

As another year ends it is a wonder if the outside world will ever discover what is happening in here, or if the demonic horde will continue to grow in power until nothing on Outland, or even beyond, can stop them. I can already sense the next stage of my masters goal on the horizon, and it makes me wonder… who else may join me in this servitude.