It has been weeks since I had last visited Hellfire Citadel. I had stumbled into the dungeon by accident only a few months prior, finding the legion of demonic tainted orcs hiding in the pits like rats. Many people would see it as a worrying sight, the experiments and the slaves, and would tell the armies of the Light to leave Shattrath and come crush them….

Myself? I saw a cache of magics just waiting to be harvested.

I kept it a secret from the outside, entering the citadel in silence to feed on those orcs that wandered too far from the light, quickly leaving to fulfill my contracts when my desires were sated. It had become a routine that kept me sustained, kept the voice from whispering in the back of my mind.

Though, something was different about this day. I had looked through the halls and found that the orcs were gone. I visited the prisons, the laboratories, and the barracks, but nothing was in sight. I was worried that they had moved on to a new home, until I heard a grunt come from a nearby room. I entered quickly, hiding behind some boxes for a peek.

It was then I saw him, an average fel orc dressed in plate, and unfortunately for him, without a weapon. I licked my lips as I prepared my attack, watching as he walked away from the crates, leaving himself open in the middle of the room. I pounced on him like a cat, throwing my dagger up to his neck to prevent any attempt for him to call for help.

“What a pity, brute, but it seems you picked a bad day to walk alone and unarmed.” I said as I pulled the dagger even closer. My mind turned fuzzy as the anticipation overwhelmed me, and I gently cut at his neck with the edge of my blade, his fel infused blood dripping from the fresh wound.

I was quick to move to his shoulders, putting extra weight on his back as my poisons quickly took hold. “My own special concoction of mind-numbing and crippling poison… Don’t try to fight it. Be a good brute and fall over for me.” I said as he still continued to stand, his mouth open but no cries to be heard. I looked around, making sure that no one was watching as he began to stumble over like a tower that lost it’s main supports.

With a thud, he collapsed backwards. At last, he was helpless. I threw my poisoned dagger aside and learned down, taking my clean dagger and holding it under the wound. The blood poured out slowly, but was enough to coat nearly the entire blade with his thick, tantalizing blood. I pulled it up to my mouth, the sweet demonic nectar was pulling me, calling to me. I had to answer, I had no choice. The hunger must always be sated.

With my tongue I licked up the blood, the sweet taste inducing the familiar euphoria I so craved. I felt my heart race and my body quiver as I drank more, letting it slowly drip down my throut. “Oh, yes! It is so good to have fresh magic flowing through me again!” I said to the orc, his eyes glazed over in a stupor. I looked him over, his muscles were strong and powerful, and his blood made filled me with many feelings, many other cravings. “Now… what else to do with you…”

I smiled at him, and I wondered if he even noticed I was there now. My body grew more and more aroused by the power I held over him, that his life now was sitting in my hands. I bit my lip as I touched him, felt his toned body and even his crude and plentiful fangs. I never understood what I saw in orcs, maybe it was the blood talking, or maybe something else…

I took yet another taste of his blood, but the once sweetness turned sour, and I knew my body not longer could be sated with just the magic in his blood. Other fluids would have to be taken. I pushed down onto him, my breasts rubbing against his chest as I yearned to free them from my tunic, “Consider this a final gift from the fates, brute…”

I reached down, his massive cock could be felt through his armor, and as I rubbed it through I could feel him twitch with pleasure, groaning a bit even through his stupor. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Though it looks like the pleasure will be all mine!”

I quickly pulled at his belt, ripping it from his body. I could feel his blood still moving through me, energizing me, making me feel stronger. As I pulled out his cock and took it in my hand, I looked close, studying it’s veiny texture. It was nothing remarkable, though nice and thick. Though I was not going to make much use out of it in the current limp state it was, “Oh, going to make me work a bit for it, our we?” I playfully told him, knowing he likely didn’t even hear me, “I always like it when they play hard to get.”

With his cock held tight I began to stroke it, his groans growing more common. I tugged gently at first, making sure to get the whole shaft, rubbing the head with my thumb.

As time went on I began to lose patience, I pulled harder, and felt his cock harden slightly, the blood rushing quickly into his shaft. “It seems I may have taken a bit to much blood, have I?… Looks like jerking you off is not going to work…”

As I stopped my motions I took the cock in both my hands, leaning it towards me. I licked my lips as I got in closer, opening wide, my tongue almost instinctively reaching out, licking gently at the head. When it came to getting any man hard, this never failed. I pulled it up, once again studying it as I watched it grow larger. “That is more like it…” I whispered, moving down to lick the base of his shaft. He began to squirm more and more with each touch.

I noticed to myself that part of me was holding back, maybe I wanted to drag out this encounter, to enjoy myself. All I knew was that my elven pussy was getting wetter by the second as his cock grew larger and harder. “Oh fuck it… If I am going to do this, I might as well go all the way, don’t you think?” He answered me with yet more squirming and gruff moans. I felt my body quiver with delight as I opened wide, taking the tip into my lips. I sucked gently at first, moving my tongue around the head skillfully. I found him remarkably delicious, or maybe that was still his blood coating my taste buds.

My saliva began to drip heavily on his cock as I pushed it deeper. It had been awhile since I had one so large, I was forced to take it easy at first, pushing gently before quickening the pace of my motions. I felt his body move and even push his hips up, making me gag a bit for just a moment. I put my hand out, making sure to keep him held down and stable. I didn’t have any desire to suffocate this day.

Finally, after much work, I felt myself ease up, his cock pushing itself far down my throat. I gasped in amazement as being able to fit it, and used my tongue to caress the underside. I began rubbing harder and harder, my lips holding tight as my saliva continue to lubricate it making it easier and easier to engulf his manhood.

I felt him quiver and his moans grew stronger, and it was then I realized I was going to far. I may want to taste his seed, but who knows if his stamina would allow him a second run. I pulled his cock from my throat, liking the juiced from his shaft as it left my lips, “Oh no… not yet… I have much more I would like to do.” I whispered as I got off my knees, reaching for the clips that held my belt and pants tightly to my hips.

I heard a sound in the distance and looked around, the room seemed darker then I remembered, but still it seemed we were alone. I turned my attention back to my victim, “Now let me show you some other lips…” I laughed and smiled, my pants falling from my waist.

As I sat down near his cock I marveled at how large it had grown. His size seemed to increase even further then when I sucked it clean. I must be careful, I didn’t desire to have my body ripped in half. “You are full of surprises it seems.” I said as I giggled, wondering why I still teased him so much when he likely barely understood me.

I began to rub my pussy on his cock, making sure to pleasure myself with my fingers as I did. I was already wet enough to take him, but what was a little more foreplay. It was just him and I, no need to rush things to quickly. I moaned with each gyration, my juices began to drip down his cock, preparing it. My blood was reaching a boiling point that I soon would be unable to ignore.

As I looked down at him while continuing my gyrations, I noticed his head move slightly. His eyes were lightly open, and I could tell he was acknowledging me. “Is the big dumb orc waking up?” I said with a grin as I leaned back, placing both my hands on his legs and positioning his cock on my sensual lips, “Do you like what you see?” I asked him playfully.

“No…” he whispered, before falling back into his stupor. “NO!? You big dumb…” I caught myself yelling. “Well not like you have much of a choice, I am too horny to turn back now…”

I applied my weight down onto his cock, and I felt the head enter me. “Oh… I…. wow…” was all I could make out while I felt it push slowly but surely deep inside my pussy. His cock touched every inch of my insides and for a second I worried he would pierce right into my womb. Lucky for me, my body always was quick to adapt.

“By the time you wake again… oh… oh fuck… by the time you wake you will be screaming yes…”

I felt my body shake with each push, each penetration that took it even deeper and deeper then I thought was possible. With intense gasp I moved myself forward, putting one of my hands on his chest to balance myself as I continued my gyrations. “It is… oh… such a shame! Oh by the light of the sun! Such a shame what I have to do to you later…” I mused yet again, feeling a bit sad to cut down such a powerful body… such a powerful cock.

Yet it has to be done, I couldn’t let him tell the others what he has…

“What was that!?” I caught myself whispering as I looked back, yet another odd sound catching my attention. I kept up my motions but a light chill had hit my spine. “Has it gotten darker in here?” I thought, as the light seemed to be dim compared to earlier. The walls themselves, once illuminated by the nearby pyres, were now almost black.

“N… NOW!” I suddenly heard in front of me as the orc came back to consciousness, grabbing both my arms and holding them exceedingly tight. “Oh!” I exclaimed. “I am impressed, it seems you shook of my poison much faster then I expected.” I said with a keen smile, his eyes staring at me with conviction, “But don’t think you…” I said, trying to reassure my dominance.

“Took you long enough, peon, we were wondering if you would ever get her arms locked” came a gruff voice, followed by a looming shadow. I looked to the side to see an orc, dark horns adorning his head. He was strong, well-built, and very intimidating. I found myself growing aroused just looking at him.

“The legendary blood-sucker of the ramparts, turns out to be nothing but a blood elf cock-sucker.” He said, looking down into my eyes as I studied him, part curiosity, part desire.

“So, that was a much more clever trap then I would have given you savages credit for.” I said, a sly grin going towards the leader as bright red eyes pierced the darkness in the background. “You got me.”

The orc looked me down, then noticed his “bait” was still pulsating deep inside me, having trouble keeping focused as sweat dripped down his forehead, a mix of fear and pleasure on his face. He seemed amused by it. “Tell me, elf, why shouldn’t we just kill you…” he said, leaning down a bit towards me.

“You called me a cock-sucker, but as you saw, I am a very good one… Maybe I can show you.” I said, narrowing my eyes a bit. I didn’t fear death, but I sure would prefer life, so why not enjoy myself a bit while keeping that life. “I could use a vacation from all the killing, and you seem, rather horny…”

His laugh bellowed through the hall, joined by a roar of a crowd laughing near the walls. “You are not strong enough yet to handle my seed… but you will be.” he said, his maw moving back into a twisted smile, before turning his back and walking towards the shadows. “My men will help prepare you…” was the last thing I heard before he vanished.

As I heard the deep laughter around me, I realized what he meant. I could hear the first walking up behind me, the shadows of his hands reaching for me as his cock smacked into my back. With a grin I looked towards the near endless line of well-endowed orcs coming from the shadows, and realized I was going to be a busy girl. “I hope you all have demon stamina… Now, let’s have some fun.”

Before I could blink they ripped off my clothing and dressed me in some revealing outfit with strange, green crystals. I could sense them emitting some demonic control magic, a very simple spell, but powerful when enchanted on shackles of this quality. The crystal started to glow lightly before it faded, likely catching on that I have little intention of resistance.

I felt a tug as my old “friend” came up behind me, grabbing both my arms and pulling them back as he lifted me by them, one of the other orcs stepping forward and positioning himself between my legs. I quivered with anticipation, gyrating my hips the newcomers direction, an act that seemed to surprise him. “Can’t drain us now! Bitch!” my old “friend” whispered in my ear. “Oh is that so?” I countered, a smile crossing my face as I peered back at him, the tip of the other orc quickly finding it’s mark, stuffing my pussy full. “Oh! If I knew this one was hung so well, I would have found him first…” I said snidely.

I don’t think he took it well, his still wet cock teasing my anus. I felt my cheeks spread as the other orc pounded me, and not before long my ass was penetrated. The two pushed hard on me, at first almost alternating thrusts before filling both my holes in unison. I felt my mind haze with each movement, “Yes! Harder!” I screamed.

“Oh by the legion! Her ass is tight!” I heard the orc yell to his companion as they continued to fuck me. And hour passed, maybe two, as they fucked all my holes nice and proper. My old friend had to taste my pussy one more time with his cock, my mouth wrapping intently around his companions cock, saliva dripping down as I took it as deep as possible. I felt like a rag doll, a toy, but I loved it.

“Oh… GRAAAHHH!!!!” I heard as I felt my old friends cock throb, his cum shooting out and filling up my womb with his hot seed as he pounded me harder then I had felt in years. It was not long after that the other cried out, my tongue becoming to much for him, his hot jizz filling my mouth and dripping from my lips. I sucked harder, squeezing them for everything they had. I could feel magic just as powerful as their blood emanating from their seed.

“I… I can’t move!” the other orc yelled, my lips refusing to release him as I sucked all his cum out of him. “Oh… I can’t either!” yelled my old friend, his cock still held deep in my pussy.

Finished with my deed I let them collapse to the ground, I caught some of the cum spill from my mouth, making sure not to lose it. “That was all you two had? Pathetic… I expected you to last longer and give me more.”

I looked up, the main eyes staring at me, waiting their turn in conquering my body after seeing it defeat two of their own. “Maybe all of you will do better…” I said, smiling as they closed in on me.

Yes, I think I like it here very much.