My lungs felt heavy as with each breath I drew in the dust from the crypts. The walls were lovingly crafted by the finest Draenei architects now broken and ruined. It took myself and my companions nearly a day to reach the entrance to Auchidoun, the wastes still dangerous with buzzards and bandits.

“Stay close to me” I whispered to my companions as we climbed the spiral staircase to the upper floors. The howling of wind could be heard through cracks in the stone ceiling, but the air remained calm and silent. “This place gives me the creeps.” one of my companions, Rayne, said with a shiver.

“Oh don’t be a wimp, sis.” came the voice of my other companion, her quiver sitting casually on her back. The two were identical in physical traits, but were almost exact opposites when it came to their personalities. “Shut up, Kadis.” the other had bitten back, her druidic robes flowing from shoulder to toe. I had not known the duo long, but they had been invaluable friends.

As we turned through to the master bridge, Kadis seemed rather bored, “We have already moved half way through this place and found nothing. No trashy guards at the entrance or anything.” she said , yawning widely. Rayne glared at her, “You were the one that pulled me from the refuge on this mission. You are not allowed to be bored!” she hissed.


Kadis laughed, throwing her arms over us, “Oh don’t get me wrong, this is way more fun then sitting on my rear eating mushrooms all day, just wish something would happen, that’s all.”

Rayne and I looked at each other, each of us smiling, “I think you have a problem, sister.” Rayne said warmly.

“Wait” I said as we entered the bridge room, a strange feeling falling over me. I had lived among magic all my life, so much that I had become sensitive to it. If anyone was using magic near me, I would know about it. “Yes, someone is here.”

Rayne nodded to me and quickly transformed into her feral form, running ahead to scout. Kadis and I followed close behind, moving down to the bridge. As we got close to the center Rayne drew her head back and perked up her feline ears, before starting to growl. “What? What is it?” I asked.


“Well this is what I get for opening my big mouth.” Kadis said, looking forward to the end of the bridge.

I looked up to see a line of fel orcs, eyes burning with corruption, staring down at us. I had little time to react as they charged down toward us, a near never-ending stream of the beasts.

Rayne roared out in warning, forcing me to look to my side as a rogue hiding in the nearby shadows lept for me. “You are dead meat, goat legs!” he screamed as he flew. I pulled my mana through to my hands and spoke an old incantation taught to me by the humans of the Alliance. The rogue became engulfed in bright light, “What the…” was all he could say as he transformed into a sheep.


“Baaaaahhh!” he yelled out as he hit the floor.

My mind wandered for a moment at how humorous such magic was, but I had no time to hesitate. We had a choke on the bridge, Kadis launching volley after volley of arrows at the monsters while Rayne transformed into a massive bear to try holding them back. I joined them, sending blasts of arcane energy into the middle of the group, knocking many of them off the bridge to their doom. It was then another shadow appeared out of the corner of my eye.

“Kadis!” I yelled as the orc descended upon her, knocking her down and shattering her bow. She was quick to react, taking the remaining arrows from her quiver and jabbing them straight through the orcs gut. His yells of pain echoing across the long bridge. “We have to turn back!” I yelled to the twins, looking to my side to find Rayne thrashing at a few more of the vile monsters with a swipe of her paw, but unable to hold any longer. I concentrated, pulling all the mana I could bare to unleash. I could feel the cold chill rise up my spine as the first of the shards came down, ice so sharp it could shatter bone. The surviving orcs rushed toward me right through the center, trying to dodge my attacks as the twins made a break up the stairs.


I kept up my focus and would not stop my channeling, shard after shard impaling the red abominations.

As they stopped their advanced under my onslaught I took the chance to run, relying on the last few shards dropping on the creatures to hold them off long enough. I tumbled up the stairway to the circular room we passed earlier, my heart beating and my voice weary. “I have never seen so many… If they invade…” Kadis spoke, still catching her breath. “Shattrath must be warned! If they know what is happening here then they can be prepared for it.” I commanded, pointing towards the hallway that lead towards the exit. Rayne cast her feline ears up and towards the bridge, and I knew the host of orcs were moving towards us again, “They seem a lot faster then I remember, we won’t even make it half way to the exit!” Kadis said as she grabbed my shoulder, fear filling her eyes for the first time since I met her.

“You are right, we won’t.” I said, grabbing her hand “But you will.”

The twins looked on in shock, “You can’t mean…” Rayne questioned, but I was quick to cut her off, “Shattrath has to know, I will hold them off as long as I can using a mana shield on the doorways. You two run, go now!”

Kadis looked at me and nodded, running over to her sister and jumping on her feline back. I moved my gaze to the doorway, the orcs now piling over the stair and towards us, red eyes burning like fire. I gathered my concentration and spoke the incantation I have used so many times to shield myself, but this time I had to focus that mana towards the door. I felt the warmth of my magic wash over me as it bolted at the doorway, striking the ground and materializing upwards rapidly.


The first orc attempted to jump through the barrier but was too slow, knocking his face into it and yelling in pain.

Others gathered, and began striking it, but I could feel the power holding. I looked once more to my companions, still waiting with concern for me, “Go! Now! You are wasting time!” I yelled, keeping my mana focus on the doorway.


“We will be back for you!” I heard Kadis yell, Rayne using her feline swiftness to run out of the room with amazing speed.

I raised my arm, moving some of my mana to close off the door behind them and seal all other entrances. No matter the cost, I had to make sure that they were not followed.

The orcs continued to smash on my shield, but years of experience learning my craft had made it as strong as eternium. They yelled in frustration with each attack, stronger and larger ones coming up and attempting to break it down. I couldn’t help but crack a smile, “You bastards won’t be coming in here.”

Suddenly, the orcs had stopped the attack, backing up slowly. I saw one have his face turn white with fear, while others gained a wicked grin. I could feel a sudden change in the atmosphere around me, the walls felt darker and more subdued, and the smell of brimstone filled my nostrils. I sensed a burning gaze upon me, turning my head to see twin eyes of demonic fire shining through the darkness.


I stood in near shock, trying hard not to lose my focus on the mana shield as the figure, somehow in the room with me, walked forward and revealed his terrible visage, his robes doing nothing to hide his calling, he was a warlock.

“Impressive, Magi.” he said snidely, he skull like face befitting such corruption, “You’re knowledge of the arcane must be vast to form such a powerful spell.”

I shouted a quick incantation, trying to get a strike on the creature before he knew what hit him, but as the arcane power burst from my arm I looked to see him nearly dissolve in shadows. “How did you…” I questioned as I looked around nervously, the laughs of the warlock echoing through the chamber. “I am not afraid of you!” I yelled, looking back to the doorway, the masses of orcs still waiting patiently on the other side.


Suddenly I felt a presence next to me, I turned my gaze just in time to feel his massive hand wrap around my arm.

“Dare I say, Magi, but should you not be holding this spell we may have been equals. Such a pity.” he taunted as I felt a sudden pain run up my body.


I gritted my teeth and let out a scream as his dark magic flowed through me, and for a minute I felt like I was about to die.

Just as the pain subsided I realized I was still alive, my magic still holding up the shield, though much weaker then before.


“What… what did you do to me?” I questioned, the warlock standing and studying my form.

“Let me introduce myself first, they call me Velghaaz the Controller.” He said as my hands finally stopped shaking. I felt my arms itch and so I ripped off my sleeve, a set of glowing demonic runes now forming on my body. I gasped at my hand, as if with a mind of it’s own, began to rise itself up, it took all my will to pull it back down and grasp it with my other arm, which itself began to grow numb. “Now, Magi, you know why I was given that name. Be a good girl, remove the shield.”

I gritted my teeth, refusing to let myself say the incantations required to end the spell work, “You may have control of my body, but you don’t have control of my mind, warlock.” I taunted him, straining to gain enough mana together to decurse myself of his twisted control. He looked at me both in anger and awe, “The others would want me to kill you, to let them out, but what a waste that would be….” he whispered, crossing his arms and walking towards me. I tried to gather anything I could to defend myself, but my body refused to cooperate. As he got closer my body turned towards him, forcing my head to look him deep in his devilish eyes. “No, we have to break that exceptional concentration. We need to let my corruption take hold of you.” he said, the side of his lip moving into a twisted grin, “Now, Magi, why don’t you take off those robes for me.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I gasped as my arms moved to my shoulders and began to pull off my pauldrons. His arm came up touching me lightly on the cheek as his domination continued to unclasp my robes, little by little my armor being tossed to the floor without much care. It was not long before he joined in on the process, ripping off parts that were taking too long to unclasp, all the while unbuckling his own tainted garments. It was not long before I was completely naked and exposed, unable to even use my arms to cover my form. The dark magic he used formed runes on my arms and legs, allowing him near complete control of them. As he removed the last of his robes, revealing his massive cock, I clasped my teeth, “You bastard…”

I could feel my body drained of magic, trying so hard to will myself an evocation. Yet I couldn’t do the proper channeling. My body stopped being numb and began to feel warm, aroused. “By the Light you will not do this!”

He chuckled as he grabbed me, my body moving like a puppet to his motions. He came up behind me, bending me over and inspecting me. “Such a tight little body. I have tasted many of your kind through the years, but you are a fantastic specimen.” I winced as I felt him rub his filthy hands between my legs, rubbing my clit and causing my rear to wiggle, “Ah look, you are already getting wet. Even with my magic not fully rooted, you desire my power.”

I tried to look back at him, but my neck was stiff, “Fuck you. Like I would ever get wet for one of your murderous kind. You make my body betray me!” I spoke back, biting my lip as I felt him pull his hips up to mine, holding my tail. My arms raised up and he quickly took hold of them, pulling me back gently. I felt his cock rub between my legs, it’s long and pulsing. There was no hope to stop this, he was going to ravage my body whether I liked it or not. “I have to concentrate… have to give them more time.” I whispered.

With words of ancient power I spoke another incantation, the arcane flowing from my body towards the ground. “What is this?” the orc mused as the rune formed, taking hold and beginning to radiate magical power. While he was distracted I was able to turn my head, smiling at him in defiance, “I have cemented the spell in the crypt itself. You would have to fuck me dead for it to break now.” I taunted him.

He gripped my wrists tighter, forcing my fingers to curl, “So be it”. His strength was unholy as he pulled back on me, his cock piercing my pussy, desecrating me. I gritted my teeth as he held his disgusting cock deep inside me, his moans of pleasure burning my ears.


“Fuck!” I cried as he started to pump, my body helping synchronize with his movements.

I felt my body heat up as his hips slapped hard into me, my breathing building heavier by the moment. He was not wrong when he said how wet I was, my own juices dripping down my legs and his massive cock thrusting near effortlessly deep inside me.


I tried to keep my focus on my spell, even with the rune some maintaining was required to not let the warlock overpower it.

“It seems your little spell has caused the physical world to warp” the warlock told me as he pulled my right left up, holding it tight to his body and thrusting even harder then before.


“What… by the Light!” I screamed out, holding my breath as he ravaged me.

He was right, I felt lighter then usual. His body slamming into me like a jackhammer and yet he was able to hold me up by a single leg.


“How does it feel?” he taunted as he slammed into my body, his cock pushing deeper then any cock I had ever experienced before. “Shut… shut up!” was all I could muster to reply.

Yet the change didn’t last, the physical properties stabilizing as I found myself falling to the floor.


He was quick to follow, used his leverage to hold me down and better time his trusts.

“Was… was this what my sister told me about?” I thought to myself as my spine tingled with pleasure. She was always the black sheep of my siblings, so gifted with the Light but so willing to indulge in her vices, even with the vile orcs that slaughtered out people. Yet her I was, being ravaged by one of the beasts.


“The prophet was right about you. You creatures are nothing but animals!” I yelled, trying hard not to show the pleasure that was making it’s way to the surface.

He looked down at me, a smile crossing his face as he took his massive arm and turned me over onto my hands and knees. “Don’t deny it, you are enjoying this.” he taunted as he came in from behind, sliding his cock one again deep into my pussy. He changed his tempo, no longer the quick thrusts but instead moving slower. “I will never give you the satisfaction.” I claimed back, my heart beating out of my chest. “You already have, mage.”

It was then he reached his hand up, snapping his fingers. A dark light appeared before me, it’s aura arcane but twisted, corrupted. A portal appeared before me, the swirling vortex slowing subsiding to reveal the location.


It was me.

The portal peered right back into itself, showing us as he fucked me. “Look at you!” he yelled, forcing my head up with his vile control. I saw my eyes heavy and lightly glazed, my mouth often sitting wide in pleasure. I tried to force a change, to alter my expressions, but my body didn’t want to listen.

He began to pick up speed, enjoying the sounds of his cock sliding deep inside me. I looked down, my breast jiggling with each hard thrust. I kept thinking back to the twins, realizing what fate I had saved them from. “You may have me, but my companions are half way to Shattrath right now. You will soon have an army coming to root you out like the… like the…” I tied to continue but he thrust each time I tried to speak, holding it deep, “Like the dogs you are!”

“Oh yes, how could I forget…” he said, a sly smile crossing his face. He snapped his fingers again, the portal swirling and weaving until the view had changed. No longer was I looking back at myself, but near the entrance of the crypts. The sight causing my eyes to grow wide in horror. “No!” I yelled.


“Did you really think we would leave the entrance unguarded?” he taunted as I tried to turn my gaze from the portal.


“We let you enter. We had no intention of letting any of you leave.”

My heart sank as I saw the twins being swarmed by the orcs. They were the reason I allowed all this to happen, and yet my actions turned out to be in vein.

The warlock slowed his movements, “Ah, losing the will to fight? How boring.” he taunted as he grabbed me under the stomach and flipped me onto my back. My rune was still spiraling, helping me keep my shields up. I could hear the other orcs impatiently huffing on the other side, every now and then yelling out words I didn’t understand. He pushed my legs up as his cocks once again spread my pussy lips, slowing his motions back to a more deliberate tempo.


The bastard knew how it warmed me up.

“If we had no chance to escape, why care about my shields?” I asked, my voice sounding defeated. He smiled down at me, his green eyes looking down at my prone, sweaty form. “Because you could interrupt the time table. The master will not be pleased if we are late to the party.” My heart rose a bit at his words. Even with the twins captured, I still had a chance to throw a wrench in the orcs plans if I could hold a bit longer.


I just had…


To hold on… to keep concentrating.

He soon picked me up with his strong, toned muscles, holding me up by the hips and slamming me down into his cock. I could feel my body tingle with each thrust. “Oh Light” I said as I felt the pleasure gather deep inside me. “Don’t let me…”


“I can’t…”


“I won’t…”




“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”

Before I could react the pleasure became too much to handle. The energy flowed through my body as I came on his cock, his face once again a twisted smile of satisfaction. “Was that the first time you have cum, little mage? Now you know the power of the Fel Horde!” he taunted as I felt my muscles return to me little by little. The orgasm had done something unexpected, revitalizing some of my mana. Not enough for an attack, but enough for something drastic.

As my arms returned to my form I reached them out, the warlock still thrusting into me and looking on in mild curiosity. “What is this? You have gained some control it seems…” he questioned as I spoke the incantations. The air around us blew violently for a moment and once again the latent magic twisted the fabric of space. This was not by accident…

“If my companions can’t warn Shattrath, then I will” I said calmly. “Oh really?” he fired back, “And how will you do that?”

Suddenly, the magic gathered and condensed, and the warlock finally realized my intention, “You are teleporting? Really? With me still fucking you?” he taunted, out bodies being taken up by the magic into the air.


“I will warn them even if I have to take you with me”. I shot back, trying hard now to focus my magic, and even that of the shield rune, into my spell.”


“Though if I am really lucky, I will just take your cock with me and leave you crying on the floor!” I said bitingly, though the idea of such an event was not actually as appealing as I implied it.

Suddenly I could feel warlock himself radiate, “Thank you for finally opening the door.” he said with a wicked smile, his eyes nearly beaming through my skull. I felt a suddenly shock, as if dark tendrils were washing over my body. It was then I realized, my spell required a connection to the Twisted Nether, a chaotic realm that the warlocks known far better then any mage. All my concentration to keep him from gaining control went up in smoke, and the purple hue of my rune of power shifted to a dark and foreboding green. I yelled as the shift in magic once again forced us to fall to the floor, my body slipping from his arms and landing square on my back.

My back stung as I lay on the ground, my magical rune shifting in hue. “No!” I whispered as I looked up, the warlock now weaving his own spells, taking over my magic so completely. I looked on in horror as the shield I worked so hard to maintain dropped, a large tide of the orcs flooding into the chamber.

“Stop!” I heard behind me as I felt my body once again move on it’s own. “I am not finished with her. You will have your turns soon enough.” the warlock said with a smile as he turned me up onto my knees. “Until then, enjoy the elves down the hall. Your brothers have already started taking turns.” With a roar of excitement the tide ran down the hall, shaking the walls with their fervor. “I am so sorry Rayne… Kadis… I should have come alone.” I whispered, my eyes closed.

I tried to gather the strength to resist as he pushed his cock up to my, but the warlock had turned my own magic against me. My rune of power I attempted to use to keep everything steady now kept me ensnared.

He pulled up his arm, a flowing light radiating from his palm. As he moved it, my head moved in complete unison. I felt like a puppet before, but now I had become nothing but a toy. He moved his hand slow, forcing his cock up to my mouth and slowly parting my lips. The taste, I couldn’t believe the taste.


He started out with no inhibitions, reducing my gag reflex so he could thrust it deep down my throat.


“Mmmuph! MUMPH!”

As time passed he picked up his pace, even taking control of my arms so that he would have me fondle him. In the long years of life I had lived, nothing could match such humiliation. “Yes, that is it. Good girl.” he taunted, the green radiance of my once pure magic felt like just as much a violation to myself as his ravaging of my body.


Faster and faster he pulled me.


His cock throbbing in my mouth.


“Yessss… so close.” he whispered. His cock beginning to pulsate each time my tongue ran over his cock head.


Soon this horror would end…


But will it ever be truly over?

He roared as he climaxed, making sure my head held itself, forcing his seed deep into my stomach. I gagged, my body reverting back to instinct for a moment to pull his still throbbing cock from my throat.


As I sat trying to catch my breath, more of his hot, sticky cum came on me, covering my face and chest.

I collapsed over, my body once again going numb. I looked up to the warlock, his twisted green eyes staring down at my still exposed form with a dark satisfaction. “Is it finally over?” I asked, my heart racing and the taint of his magic still burning on my skin. “No, my dear mage, this was just the beginning.”