Rexx Note:  This story was an older one, that I chickened out on posting back on Darknest.  I needed it to be edited, but it never did.  I now may have lost it, so sadly no one may ever read it entirely.  Until the day I can either rewrite it or find it, here is a small rundown of the plot.

Shai and Kharon are two sisters living in the darker areas of Orgrimmar.  While Kharon takes great pride in her duty as a scout and assassin, Shai prefers following her own path in the arts of warlock magic.  One morning, Kharon is approached by Korkal, a rather sleazy warrior who was the current mate of Shai.  He tells her that he saw Shai go alone into Ragefire Chasm, and wishes for Kharon to join him searching for her since she has not returned.  Kharon, not fully trusting Korkal, sends out a message to Grokale, a former lover of both sisters who they knew since they were young.  As a seasoned tracker, she knew he would find her.

Grokale arrives just in time, meeting up with Kharon.  The two meet with Korkal, who seems irritated by Grokale’s presence.  They enter the caverns, going deeper and deeper until the sounds of Orgrimmar are long behind them. Korkal decides that they split up at a large pass.  They do such, with Grokale noticing track marks down his path.  He follows them through a winding pathway until finally coming across a cage.  Looking inside, he noticed an unconscious Shai.  As he kneels down to call to her, he does not notice Korkal behind him, who smacks him over the head.  Korkal then locks Grokale in the cage before leaving.

On the other side of the cavern, Kharon is calling for her sister, until Korkal arrives.  The confident Korkal explains that all the while he was with Shai, he secretly desired the more brash and combat oriented Kharon, and so he planned the whole kidnapping to get Kharon alone and powerless.  She is disgusted with him, but he explains that now he has both Shai and Grokale locked away somewhere she will never find them, unless she fucks him.  Without any options, she relents to his demands, unglasping her armor and keeping her fists clenched firmly behind her back.  Korkal begins to have his way with her.

Back at the cage, Shai awakens and then awakens Grokale.  She is disoriented, and her mana is too low to use her magic.  She worries for her sister, knowing of Korkal’s lust.  It dawns on her that she could use lust to her own advantage.  She quickly seduces her old flame, Grokale more then willing to help her.  The two pleasure each other until the built up lust allows Shai to call upon her pet succubus, Syn.  Using her own demon magic, Syn breaks the door of the cage.  They hurry off to find Korkal and Kharon.

Kharon endures Korkal as he cums inside her.  Korkal admits he never planned to give up their location after a single fuck, and plans to hold them prisoner until Kharon is firmly broken.  He is taken by surprise when the trio appears, Grokale holding Korkal at arrow point.  Korkal in the end admits defeat, but Kharon and Shai are not having any of it, Kharon blasting his face with her fists while Syn whips at him.  Shai, having gathered some of her mana, creates a portal into the Twisted Nether, Kharon knocking the vile Korkal through the portal, Syn following close behind.

With the sisters and Grokale returning to Orgrimmar, Korkal finds himself the new plaything of a very horny succubus.

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