Story written by Silvyraven, edited by Rexx

Anu’aka sighed quietly as she walked to her hut.  Her rites of passage had been easy up until this last one, the rite of sensual dance. The other females her age had already been with strong males, and experienced shared pleasures, yet none had ever approached her.  Yet, she knew her elven blood was keeping most of them away.

Now that the final rite of passage was upon her she was truly nervous of her ability to succeed. Slipping into her hut she stripped herself preparing for another night alone, fear and anticipation swirled through her at the thought of what would come tomorrow.  So distracted was she, that she didn’t notice the figure in her doorway until she was already undressed. “Who be there?” she called out, “Ty’ga? Is dat you?”

Ty’ga was a powerful and well respected warrior amongst their tribe, and he had himself quite the reputation for being both exceptionally fierce and desireable. At her fathers request, Ty’ga would offer to teach Anu’aka how to pleasure a mate, and become a woman.  With confidence he strode into her hut, seeing her already disrobed and prepared for bed. Without a word he removed his own leathers standing before her nude, not even considering that she would possibly say no.

“I be here ta teach ya… ” He spoke quietly. Anu’aka looked him up and down, biting her lip, “My fahda put ya up to dis, didn’t he?” she spoke as the large male pulled her towards him, letting her feel his skin against hers. She had known Ty’ga since they were both young, and she always found his cat like grace during battle to be extremely alluring.

“Den let Ty’ga show da way.” He spoke close to her ear. He rumbled at her as he rubbed a tusk against her neck and along her long ear.  “First lesson…”  Ty’ga said as his hands roamed over her body, teasing her by touching over her hips and sides first before he slipped a thick finger between her thighs and slid it up until he was rubbing her wet heat.

Anu’aka gasped as she felt herself stretched by his finger. She had waited so long for a male to show even a hint of interest in her. She knew that it wasn’t just because she was different, some were genuinely afraid of harming her and bringing down the wrath of her father. Others made it clear they just found her to be distasteful. However, all of that was banished from her mind as she arched her hips into his touch a whimper escaping her at just how good it felt.

“Ya slick enouh, com ere an sit” he commented as he moved to sit and pulled her into his lap her back pressed against his chest. he could feel her, slick and hot, against his shaft. He grunted as he positioned himself and pushed his hard cock into her as slowly as he could. Anu’aka winced, she knew it would be painful, even with the toys she had used to pleasure herself with as they had never been quite that large, but she calmed her mind, and found herself quite ecstatic at finally feeling a powerful male inside of her.

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“Mmm” He growled as he felt her begin to move against him, slowly and a bit shyly at first. Ty’ga was convinced before the night was through there would be no shyness left in the girl. He remained still as he let her move on her own for a bit, mostly to help maintain some level of control over himself. Teaching or not, he was enjoying this far more than he thought he would. Ty’ga pushed her forward a bit “Ya got ta brace yaself” He rumbled down at her as he gripped her waist and helped her move back against him, sliding in just a bit deeper with each thrust.

“Next lesson.” He grunted and moved to lay back, but did not pull her on top of him just yet. “Some males, dey want der female to control da matin. ” He grinned lightly at Anu’aka as she eagerly moved on top of him, though she struggled with the position given their size different. Ty’ga helped and found himself just as eager to be back inside of her.

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Trying desperately to remain somewhat detached, he failed and moaned slightly as he penetrated her tight heat again. Forcing himself to focus the strong troll slipped an arm around her back but let her set the pace. Her earlier nervousness was clearly fading away as she moved against him with confidence and no small amount of skill.

Ty’ga clenched his jaw as his small companion rolled her hips in a way that could not be described in words. She was clearly a natural and it was becoming far more difficult for him to control his lust and rationalize his detachment from what was happening.  Anu’aka found that she greatly enjoyed the new sounds that Ty’ga was making and was determined to do whatever it took to get him to make more.  Soon she was moving with deliberate confidence, the friction was amazing and she found herself lost to the pleasure.

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Ty’ga could tell that the female was becoming lost in her own pleasure, and found it much harder not to lose himself as well. Still it was too soon for her to reach release, so he sat up and halted her movements by pulling her to his chest. When he spoke, his voice was warmer than it had been with a growling edge of lust to it. “Sometimes, ya mate be wanting something more intimate.” He said as he leaned forward a bit and pulled her harder against him.

This time there was no hiding the pleasured moans and for some reason he found it easy to forget why he was holding back in the first place. Hours passed, as the two practiced with every angle imaginable, the lust and heat was overwhelming.

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The troll moaned against Anu’akas neck as he thrust up into her harder than he had been before. Pulling her body closer to his he could feel his own desire to have this female overtaking his desire to simply fulfill the mission of teaching her. With a feral snarl he pushed Anu’aka onto her back, holding her down with one hand.

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“Sometimes, ya mate be wantin it rough. Some males, dey only like it dis way. Strong troll women be not afraid of it.” He grunted as he forced himself to slow his thrusts. As much as he wanted to rut her like an animal, there was too much risk of losing control completely. He kept his motions deliberate, but there was no lack of passion between them. For every pleasured cry the smaller female made, he answered with a primal moan or grunt. Their bodies moving in unison as he felt both himself, and Anu’aka build closer to release.   Ty’ga couldn’t take it anymore, lifting her up and pushing deep into her.

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Anu’aka came first, a loud cry filling her hut as her body arched beneath his. Ty’ga watched the pure pleasure on her face, the way she called out his name. It was just on the verge of  too much and he barely had time to pull out before he was cumming. Ropes of thick white seed coating her body as he stroked himself the rest of the way through his release.

Anu’aka smiled slowly at Ty’ga as she slid a finger through the warm cum on her breasts, then licked it off her finger. Ty’ga chuckled a bit and smirked at her “Ya be ready.”  Anu’aka grinned back at him, this time it was with more confidence than he had seen before and when she spoke her voice was sultry “I know.


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