The site has gone through a few more changes to add back in patron integrations that I removed back when I lost most of my content.  The integrations are a little more simplistic as I will no longer have extra archive areas for any specific post types.  Instead, the patron bonuses will simply be tied to bonus areas inside the official posts, being more of an “extra” then a unique post set. One thing to be aware is that the bonus area will only have bonuses that I feel fit the site layout, while others like like extended variations, added or removed music, etc, will not be site visible.  You want those? Then just click the MEGA link at the bottom of the bonus area, visible to patrons, that leads to my personal archive MEGA.  It will have those extras. If you sign up as an Addict ($5) or above you also get access to a link for 4k versions of many of the videos.  Sadly, not all of them have a 4k version (yet) but hopefully it will be good for a few of you that may want it. If you are already a patron and are unsure how to use the integration, simply go to a post and click the Patreon button in the bonus area using a browser in which you are already logged into Patreon.  It will then ask for authorization to connect, and then Patreon and the site will be able to communicate, giving access to the bonus area. You also may notice the comment area is missing under content and comic posts.  I removed it for the time being as I didn’t really feel I was getting much out of them.  Many posts would go without even getting a comment, and a few of the ones I did were from the same people.  I love you guys, but I worry the lack of communication was actually hurting my posts optics.  People can be a bit judgmental when a post has seemingly no community feedback.  I may change this if enough people miss it, so leave a comment in this news post if you disagree with that change.  News posts will still have a comment area. As always, thanks for the support everyone.

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