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Poppy’s Poppin Titjob





Sound / VO

SOUND WARNING! Just something fun.

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Commenting here since i don’t know were else to ask questions 😛

Have you considered making content for “For Honor”, “Might and Magic”,”lord of the rings”, “Neverwinter nights” or “Warhammer” ?
All have surprisingly little r34 but have a lot of potential.

Would love to see something like the Nobushi in a mating press by the Raider ^^

Hey mate, is there any location i can find your old pre-blizz archives or are they lost to the ages?

Rexx can no longer post them, but many fans downloaded his stuff and uploaded them on sites like Rule34.

unbelievably beautiful !!! I look forward to next animations with Poppy :3

Unbelievably beautiful !!! I look forward to next animations with Poppy :3


Great stuff dude as always, have you thought about making few works with evelynn as well?

Hope you do some of her or Tristana riding in this sort of point of view!

Yordle POV is the best… Wish more people did it well

My goodness!!! <3