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Ahsoka’s Exile





Sound / VO

SOUND WARNING! Before joining the rebels, Ahsoka had to do something to keep making those credits, though she didn’t realize becoming a “special assistant” in the often forgotten “Pornorus System” required a slave uniform and extra overtime activities. Remember, this is a fan-base parody, please support the official media.

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Please! Please do more Ahsoka!

GENIUS, how to make any Star Wars porn sexier: Add Slave Leia trappings.

Fucking hot! And thank you for using an adult model of Ahsoka. I’ve never been able to watch porn of her cause they always use child models. You can tell by the length of the montrals and it’s so creepy! But this is great 🙂 more pls

Yes, Please more Ahsoka, I give to even see Shaak Ti