SOUND WARNING! Enjoy the little story too.  Huge thanks to FPSBlyck for the help!

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Finding Harley





The night was vacant and ominous, the abandoned docks outside Gotham City left silent and forlorn for more then a decade. Among the shadows, a broken down warehouse stood ominously through the fog, it’s walls painted to capacity with graffiti and clown iconography. A seeming beacon of madness surrounded by decay.
The silence was soon broken by whispers, two thugs, adorned in purple overalls and covered in white and red face paint, came drunkenly wandering from the doorway out into the alleyway.
“Hey Tony! You heard from Joe?” one slurred to the other, “Nah, last I heard he was running recovery on the bosses main squeeze, that Quinn broad.” Tony answered in turn.
“Again!?” the first thug continued a bit exasperated, “Didn’t they break up like six months ago?”
Tony winced, his hands struggling to hold his bottle of whiskey, “You know the boss. It’s valentine’s day and he ain’t got a date. She at least always comes back.”
As the two finally settled down on some nearby crates, a groan could be heard from down the alley. The two perked up and pulled their firearms in the direction of the sound, but only saw what appeared to be a figure wrapped in gift paper and tied with red heart ribbons. “Whoa, Tony, I… I don’t like this…”
As they edged closer, Tony pulled out his flashlight, gun still focused on the package. Another groan could be heard as he trained the light onto the small tag,
“To Mister J! Sorry I can’t come visit, I have more important things to do now. Silly old me broke most of your presents you sent, but I saved a very special one, and felt like returning it with an extra gift! Happy Valentine’s Puddin!”
As Tony finished reading the tag, his companion ripped the paper from the figures face, “Holy shit… it’s Joe!” he whispered as they looked down at the unconscious man’s bleeding skull, a couple dirty socks crammed in his mouth, “Hey wait a minute… is this a camera?” Tony spoke as he picked it up, another tag adhered to the lens saying simply, “Play me!”
Suddenly, Joe jolted awake and let out a muffled scream. Tony leaned over and put his hand over Joe’s mouth, trying to calm him down before pulling out the wad of socks, “Joey, what the fuck happened?”
Joe’s eyes were wide with horror as he peered at the camera in Tony’s hands, “Guys, you gotta destroy that camera. Please you gotta.”
Tony looked on with a confused expression as his friend squirmed, “Where are the others, Joe?”
Joe’s face turned cold, “Tony, listen to me. Destroy the camera. Throw it in the river. Don’t show the boss. Tony… please…”
Whatever was on the tape, Tony thought, it was not going to be good.
Yet before anything else could be said, another voice echoed through the alleyway, “Oh boys! Are you having a chat without me!? How utterly rude….”
The three looked back to see a thin man adorned in a purple pinstripe suit, his face contorted in an uneasy smile and hair as green as toxic sludge, peering joyfully from the doorway. “B… boss… we were just about…” Tony tried to interject.
The Joker cut them off with a self-amused laugh.
“Is that a… camera I see? Was this a gift from Harley? Is she not coming for our big date, Joe? I do hope she is coming…”
Joe’s face turned even more pale, “Oh god. Please…”
Tony gulped, his hands covered in sweat as he handed the camera over to the approaching Joker, whose own smile slowly turned more sinister and dark. “Oh I can’t wait to see what is on this tape, don’t you, Joe? I am sure it will be such fun if Harley made it! Bring him inside boys! I insist we watch it together…”
Tony looked back down, his hands still shaking. Joe looked up, his eyes pleading as he shook his head side to side. “Please…” he whispered, but Tony knew what would happen if he untied him. “Sorry, Joe.” he said as he and the other thug hooked their hands around the ribbons and carried the screaming Joe inside.
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These 11 seconds of video are a thousand millions better than the whole Birds of Prey movie lol