What happened to all the Warcraft content?

April of 2019, I was legally threatened with a Cease and Desist order by the law firm representing Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

After speaking with legal council and looking at the best and worst case scenarios, I decided to simply walk away from it.  I loved the franchise, and even though it looked like any legal battle would come out in my favor, it would irreparably damage my love for the franchise.  It was a lose/lose.  Out of what respect remained for Blizzard and for the sake of my family’s comfort and safety, I decided to just rip off the bandaid now rather than fight a war that would have lead to a similar outcome.

If you wish, you can read the original news post here.

Can I still download it all somewhere? I see it up on other sites.

I can’t control what others do with my content that is out in the wild.  That is for Blizzard to handle if they wish.  As part of the compliance I will simply no longer make or host the content myself on this website.  I am sure if you looked around a bit you can find some of my old work.


What program do you use?


Why not blender or SFM?

C4D has a very visual, button based UI that is simple for me to understand and retain.  I get lost in the UI of most other hotkey heavy programs, and thus never get anything done. 

 It’s just always been a handicap of mine for as long as I can remember.

But this other better program does...

Yes, I know.  It doesn’t matter though. If I can’t grasp the UI enough to get anything done, then it’s not going to get me anywhere, and I won’t be able to use a UI based around hotkeys.

Why do you make smut anyways?

When I hit puberty it was like a fire inside me that just never stopped burning.  I love the visual aesthetics of sex, and so when I started to try and be creative, the only real visual aesthetic that interested me was pornography.  I love doing other content too, but not nearly as much.

Why don't you do more of "insert race here"?

This is a tough one, but there are usually two main factors.  Interest and resources.

The fact is not every race really interests me sexually at the same levels, so I need to have a lot of built up interest or desire in order to use them in a project or even set them up in a proper rig if they are lower on the interest scale.. 

 When it comes to resources, not every race has a viable nude model to utilize either, so I either have to go back to “barbie” models, where I just do my best to hide the lack of genitalia, or wait till someone makes a better model.

Where do you get your models?

As I am not the best modeler myself, all my models are based on edits from other more talented modelers.  Bangfri, Liard, Ambiguous, Medeister, GWorks, ColonelYobo and Elwynn have provided some really great wow models / model edits for me to play with.  They deserve a ton of credit and really there are even more, as most of the community share and interact.  Also dozens of talented creators on SFMLab and Smutbase, so check them out too.

Can I have a certain model made?

If you are talking an OC, and I have a model already, then yes.

If you are talking a unique model, like say a proper NSFW version of a specific race / creature / character that isn’t used often, then you will have to speak with more talented modelers.  

Bangfri will accept model commissions for those that are willing to pay for the creation and release of a specific model.  Most of the others I know only create new models based on interest, so you would have to just see what they are willing to do.

Why don't you do "Insert Content here"? (Futa, Beast, etc)

Unlike races, this one comes down entirely to interest.  The fact is, I only want to create content that interests me sexually.  Some content types actually reduce my own sexual arousal and thus they are not really fun for me to work on.  

I don’t have any moral objection to such content and support other creators that are more versed in said content types, but it’s just really not interesting to me personally.

Is that why all your furry races have human dicks?

Yes.  Animal penis or creatures with animal torsos (Centaur, Dryads) counter and remove any arousal I have for an image, and thus I prefer using human dicks on furry-type males like tauren and worgen.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t use those races at all.  I ask that you respect my choice on this matter.  There are plenty of creators that utilize different penis styles that may fit your tastes.

How do I see those extra angles and remix sets?

Pretty simple.  Just become a patron on my patreon.  For just a few dollars a month you can access all the extras as they are released.

I am signed up, but can't see them? Where do I login?

Do not input your patreon login or pass into the site itself.  Patreon and the site connect through OAuth, thus at no point does your password need to be input into my site.  All you have to do is make sure you are logged into patreon in the same browser, switch to my site and hit the “sign up” button under any locked post or section.  It will automatically link, and the next time you refresh everything should be visible.

you used an OC / model from me in the past but I don't see myself credited?

The credit system was something I wanted, but was unable to add until October 2018.  If you and I worked out a commission or collaboration, model share, etc, and you want proper credit (including possible links to your site or social media), then just make sure to contact me by e-mail or discord.  I would be more than happy to add a listing to the credits.